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We have cloned the gene for the heat-stable enterotoxin STII from a porcine
strain of E. coli and determined its DNA sequence. Preliminary data
suggest that human isolates of E. coli, Salmonella, and Shigella also
contain this STII gene. The STII gene in E. coli is located between two
inverted repeat sequences, suggesting that it is associated with a
transposable element. The transposability of the STII gene willl be
determined and the nature of the insertion sites will be examined. The
size of the STII transposon and the sequences essential for transposition
will be ascertained. Since the terminal inverted repeat regions bordering
the STII gene are large, the possibility that these regions are,
themselves, transposons will be investigated. The transposability of the
STII gene in other E. coli isolates will be examined. If transposition
occurs, then the structure of the transposable elements will be
determined. Finally, we will initiate similar studies to determine the
presence and structure of STII gene in other species of enterotoxigenic
bacteria. The STII genes present in other bacteria will then be assayed
for transposability. In this manner, information concerning the molecular
nature, the mechanism of dissemination, and the distribution of the E. coli
STII gene among bacterial will be obtained.
Effective start/end date9/1/848/31/87


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