• Farag, Sherif (PI)
  • Breueggemeier, Robert (PI)
  • Zwilling, Bruce (PI)
  • Stephens, Ralph (PI)
  • Minton, John (PI)
  • Grever, Michael (PI)
  • Tomie, David (PI)
  • Balcerzak, Stanley (PI)
  • Powell, Kimerly (PI)
  • Yohn, David (PI)
  • Lemeshow, Stanley (PI)
  • Bloomfield, Clara (PI)
  • Young, Anthony (PI)
  • Young, Anthony Peter (PI)
  • Tsai, Ming- (PI)
  • Ostrowski, Michael (PI)
  • Heerema, Nyla A. (PI)
  • Paskett, Electra D. (PI)
  • Byrd, John (PI)
  • De La Chapelle, Albert (PI)
  • Plass, Christoph (PI)
  • Ruymann, Frederick (PI)
  • Kusewitt, Donna (PI)
  • Andersen, Barbara L. (PI)
  • Croce, Carlo (PI)
  • Schaaf, Larry (PI)
  • Marcucci, Guido (PI)
  • Jarjoura, David (PI)
  • Slater, Michael D. (PI)
  • Caligiuri, Michael (PI)
  • La Perle, Krista Marie Dubray (PI)
  • Jewell, Scott D. (PI)
  • Single, Nancy (PI)
  • Thomas, James (PI)
  • Parvin, Jeffrey (PI)
  • Chalmers, Jeffrey John (PI)
  • Chan, Kenneth (PI)
  • Shapiro, Charles (PI)
  • Alder, Hansjuerg (PI)
  • Burry, Richard (PI)
  • Kuppusamy, Periannan (PI)
  • Robertson, Fredika (PI)
  • Jackson, Rebecca (PI)
  • Bruggemeier, Robert (PI)
  • Stoner, Gary (PI)
  • Kolattukudy, Pappachan (PI)
  • O'Dorisio, M. Sue (PI)
  • Basso, Kari (PI)
  • Trewyn, Ronald (PI)
  • Brueggemeier, Robert (PI)
  • Young, Donn (PI)
  • Mull, Lawrence (PI)
  • Milo, George (PI)
  • Bruggemeier, Robert (PI)
  • Gams, Richard (PI)
  • Cschuller, David (PI)
  • Staubus, Alfred (PI)
  • Schuller, David (PI)
  • O'Dorisio, M. Sue (PI)

Project: Research project

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The Cancer Center (CORE) Support Grant (CCSG), will provide the necessary
financial support that will assure quality administration of major programs
in interdisciplinary basic and clinical cancer research, cancer education
and training, cancer diagnosis and therapy, and community outreach. It is
the intent of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center to
translate its own and other laboratories' observations into applicable
clinical usage and to communicate existing and newly developed therapies,
diagnostic procedure and prevention methods to the Ohio Valley Region. The
CCSG will provide salary support for directors of vital programs and for
key investigators necessary for further Center development. These
individuals will collectively help to: Optimally utilize and integrate the
cancer center efforts extent within the ten colleges at The Ohio State
University engaged in cancer research; (2) Develop new programs, pilot
studies and demonstration projects in cancer research, education, diagnosis
and therapy within the CCC and at the community levels; (3) Encourage, aid,
support and integrate community-run programs which are aimed to meet the
need of the respective areas; (4) Develop interdisciplinary activities
between clinical and basic scientists to affect the translation process
from laboratory to clinical application; (5) Communicate approved new
developments on cancer diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation to cooperating
institutions throughout the Ohio Valley Region; (6) Establish effective
cooperation with other existing and developing cancer centers including the
National Cancer Institute. The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer
Center will undergo significant development during the coming years that
will culminate in broadened interdisciplinary cancer research and cancer
control programs. The Opening of the new Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital
and Research Institute in 1989 will provide significant new resources to
meet the needs of the 1990's and the twenty-first century as part of the
nationwide effort to ultimately control cancer totally.
Effective start/end date7/1/7711/30/20


  • National Institutes of Health
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  • National Institutes of Health
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  • Medicine(all)

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