HPV Vaccination, Attitudes and Sequential Behaviors in Adolescent Women

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HPV Vaccination, Attitudes and Sequential Behaviors in Adolescent Women
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This proposed research is designed to examine changes in adolescent women's sexual behaviors, attitudes
and perceived susceptibility to HPV and HPV-related disease in the 24 months after receipt of the HPV
prophylactic vaccine and describe the natural history of HPV post vaccination in this cohort. Using risk
compensation and protection generalization theories and framework for examining possible post-vaccination
changes, a prospectively studied cohort of HPV vaccinated adolescent women, ages 14 to 17 years will be
recruited and compared to an unvaccinated cohort of comparable young women who were intensively studied
during the 7 years prior to the introduction of universal HPV immunization. Data will be gathered through yearly
questionnaires and quarterly interviews with concurrent STI testing (every 3 months). The significance of the
research is linked to the filling of knowledge gaps that cannot be otherwise ethically addressed. If successful,
the research can inform policy, public health efforts and clinical procedures needed to maximize benefits and
reduce potential unintended negative consequences of the universal HPV immunization among adolescent and
young adult women.
Effective start/end date9/11/098/31/11


  • National Institutes of Health: $719,752.00


  • Medicine(all)
  • Immunology and Microbiology(all)

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