• Katz, Barry (PI)
  • Stookey, George (PI)
  • Dunipace, Ann (PI)
  • Jackson, Richard Dennis (PI)
  • Jackson, Richard (PI)

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The public health use of fluoride in communal water supplies for the
prevention of dental caries is accepted worldwide and the safety efficacy
of its use in trace concentrations in this manner have been repeatedly
documented. The proven cariostatic activity of fluoride has resulted in
the widespread of fluoride-containing products to further and this
increasing use of fluoride, it is not surprisingly that questions
pertaining to the safety of this agent continue to be raised. The overall goal of this Program Project is to develop additional
scientific information to assure the continued safe use of fluoride for
dental public health. The Program involves three projects with the
appropriate support provided by three core units for administration,
biostatistics, and laboratory analyses. Project #1 is designed to
investigate the possible pharmacologic and genotoxic effects of fluoride
associated with lifetime ingestion of optimal or elevated levels of
fluoride in the drinking water, effects of fluoride ingestion in medically-
compromised children and adults afflicted with diabetes or chronic renal
failure, and the effects of massive dosages of fluoride used to treat
osteoporosis. Project #2 utilizes controlled animal models to investigate
the impact of various medically-compromising conditions (i.e., aging,
diabetes, renal failure and malnutrition) upon the pharmologic effects of
fluoride. Project #4 will investigate the effect of chronic nutritional
inadequacies upon the pharmacologic effects of fluoride in population
groups residing The Peoples Republic of China and in Ecuador.
Effective start/end date9/30/919/29/97


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)
  • Dentistry(all)

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