• Fife, Rose (PI)
  • Benson, Merrill (PI)
  • Weinberger, Morris (PI)
  • Dwulet, Francis (PI)
  • Smith, Gerald (PI)
  • Potts, Marilyn (PI)
  • Mazzuca, Steven (PI)
  • Brandt, Kenneth (PI)

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The Arthritis Center at the Indiana School of Medicine (IUMPAC) is comprised of
components for (a) research, (b) education, and (c) community programs:
The research component supports basic studies on connective tissue biochemistry,
control mechanisms in connective tissue metabolism, pathogenesis of
osteoarthritis, immunologic tolerance, amyloidosis, the effects of immunologi
mediators on muscle physiology, and joint biomechanics. In addition, it
encompasses clinical investigations in such areas as post-intestinal bypass
arthritis, polymyositis, amyloid disease and hypogammaglobulinemia. The education component augments Rheumatology training of Fellows, house
officers, medical students, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and patients.
Particular emphasis is directed toward improving the training in Rheumatology of
house officers who aim ultimately to practice as primary care physicians. A
Nurse Educator will serve as a liaison between the Rheumatology Division and the
Baccalaureate, Graduate Nurse and Specialist Degree programs in the School of
Nursing. A Pediatric Rheumatology Paramedical Team (supervised by an
IUMPAC-trained pediatric rheumatlogist) is being established, and education in
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis will be emphasized at all levels. The community program will link IUMPAC with private and govermental health
organizations. It will evaluate the efficacy of an AHP Team in providing
long-term care. The impact of the team approach on function, disease activity
and psychosocial adaptation is being assessed. Use of informational-support
groups for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis and lupus will be
expanded and efficacy of the groups assessed. Outreach clinics, staffed by a
rheumatologist and AHPs, will be established in communities in which specialized
expertise is now lacking. Also, a system for regionalization of health care for
children and adolescents with arthritis, utilizing community-based AHPs,
(Project COUPLE), is planned.
Effective start/end date9/15/778/31/86


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