• Molitoris, Bruce (PI)
  • Wilson, Patricia (PI)
  • Burke, Thomas (PI)
  • Linas, Stuart (PI)
  • Conger, John (PI)
  • Schrier, Robert (PI)

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The overall objective of the present Program Project is to continue our
comprehensive examination of the cellular alterations responsible for the
development and perpetuation of the cell injury induced by ischemic and
toxic insults to the kidney. A structured approach to delineating the
cellular and biochemical steps in the pathogenesis of renal cell injury has
been designed in each section of the grant. In Section I, the isolated
proximal tubule preparation will be used to investigate the direct effects
of anoxia and hypoxia on cellular processes without any obscuring
hemodynamic effects. Section II will examine the vascular mechanisms
involved in the evolution of cyclosporine nephropathy using the isolated
small artery and arteriole technique as well as renal adrenergic and
hemodynamic measurements in the intact rat. Section III will examine the
intracellular targets within vascular smooth muscle and proximal tubule
epithelial cells in culture which are susceptible to attack by activated
neutrophils. The Administrative Core Section will provide overall
administration of these three projects as well as secretarial support for
the Program Project. The Research Core Section will be utilized by each of
three projects. The instrumentation will be available in one central
location and will permit uniform analysis of mitochondrial/tissue
respiration, intracellular Ca2+ and tissue/urine/plasma electrolytes. The
ultimate goal of this proposal is the utilization of the information
obtained from this multidisciplinary approach to serve as a basis for the
development of appropriate preventive and therapeutic strategies.
Effective start/end date9/1/855/31/98


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