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This application is for partial funding of the Gordon Research Conference
on Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms to be held June 8-12, 1992 at Plymouth
State North College, Plymouth, New Hampshire. The focus of the meeting
is on molecular approaches and state-of-the-art biochemical and
biophysical techniques for studying the contractile,
electrophysiological, and developmental properties of the heart.
Sessions are planned on cardiac transmembrane signaling, cardiac cell
growth and development, ion channels, pumps, and antiporters,
excitation/contraction coupling, and the molecular biology of heart
failure. Molecular biological approaches for studying specific proteins
and specific cellular mechanisms important for cardiac function will be
emphasized. Many of the molecules required for cardiac
excitation/contraction coupling have recently been identified, cloned,
sequenced, and expressed, which makes this meeting especially timely and
significant. Investigators from diverse fields have been invited, all of
whom study different aspects of cardiac regulation using the most up to
date, cutting-edge research methods. The conference will be divided into oral sessions with scheduled Session
Leaders and Speakers, post sessions, and free discussion time. The
Cordon Conference format is conducive to free and informal exchange of
ideas and unpublished data. The open discussion of ongoing work on
cardiac regulation is particularly appropriate at the present time
because of recent advances and the convergence of different methodologies
to the field. These meetings have a highly successful history in
bringing together active investigators from all over the world in a
format which encourages open and free exchange of ideas. No other
conference bringing together a wide range of expertise in molecular
aspects of cardiac research is planned in the near future. Support for Session Leaders and Speakers attending this meeting is
requested. Partial support for young investigators is also requested. An
oral discussion on posters by selected young investigators will take
place at the end of each session.
Effective start/end date4/1/9212/31/92


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