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Indiana University Medical Center located on the campus of Indiana
University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), is a major medical
center with large and productive departments in the medical and health
related sciences. A number of research programs at this center, largely
supported by NIH funds are dependent on isotope ratio mass spectrometry for
their research. In order to support these research programs and to enhance
the overall research capability of the medical center and IUPUI, a mass
spectrometry core laboratory (MSCL) has recently been established through
a combination of university and private corporation funds to provide a
centralized and complete research support for human and animal metabolic
studies. At present, MSCL is equipped with two gas chromatograph mass
spectrometers, and provides mass spectrometry support four NIH funded
investigators. However, this research facility is presently lacking an
isotope ratio mass spectrometer. There is no such instrument on the IUPUI
campus; the only isotope ratio mass spectrometers within the Indiana
University system are located on the Indiana University-Bloomington campus
(50 miles south of Indianapolis) within the department of geology, and are
heavily utilized for geochemical analyses. We therefore request funding for the purchase of an isotope ratio mass
spectrometer, essential to current and future research programs in human
and animal metabolism at the Indiana University Medical Center. Access to
an isotope ratio mass spectrometer on the IUPUI campus will greatly
facilitate existing NIH supported research which relies heavily on such
isotope ratio mass spectrometry determinations and will enhance
significantly the biomedical research capabilities of the medical center
and affiliated institutions.
Effective start/end date6/17/926/16/93


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