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The specific aims of the project are to determine the sequence and nature
of microvascular events in skeletal muscle, intestinal and cerebral
cortical vasculature during diabetes mellitus. In addition, a correlation
of the severity of microvascular disturbances and hyperglycemia will be
made. These specific aims will be accompanied by the development of
chronic and semi-chronic preparations of the small intestine for study of
normal and pathological vascular behavior. The sequence of vascular
changes after adult onset diabetes will be studied by measurement at two
weeik intervals of microvascular dimensions and pressures, tissue PO2,
number and distribution of microvessels and reactivity of microvessels to
dilating agents. To correlate hyperglycemia to vascular disturbances, diet
restriction of Db/Db mice will be used to produce gradations of
hyperglycemia: vascular measurements will be the same as above. The
overall results will be used to determine which diabetic vascular problems
develop first and whether their development is a function of the severity
of hyperglycemia.
Effective start/end date8/1/827/31/87


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