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The objective of Indiana University Medical Center (IUMC) is to continue to
be one of the leading contributors to the Gynecologic Oncology Group.
Through a multidisciplinary effort, IUMC will participate in this
collaborative research project to improve the results of treatment for
women with pelvic cancer and assist in developing more effective means for
prevention, detection, diagnosis, therapy and follow-up. The long range
goals are to improve patient care, prolong survival, rapidly assess new
treatment methods and the dissemination of knowledge. IUMC will enhance the objectives of the Group as a whole by: 1.) Participation in all protocols available through the Gynecologic
Oncology Group.
2.) Continuation of 100% completeness of quality data submission.
3.) Evaluability rates well above the membership criteria standards.
4.) A continued high patient accrual.
5.) Significant scientific contributions and involvement in future protocol
6.) Continued publications.
7.) Continued national level support of the GOG on numerous committees.
8.) Continuation of support extended to other member institutions for data
management training.
9.) Continued aggressive effort by all IUMC GOG personnel.
10.) Continued success in all areas of this research endeavor.
Effective start/end date7/1/786/30/89


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