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This application for the Physician-Scientist Award is to allow the
candidate to receive advanced research training in social
psychology that will be applied to research in health behaviors of
adolescents. The Institute for Behavioral Science at the
University of Colorado will provide the guidance and supervision
of an experienced research in adolescent behavior. The research
that will provide a forum for achieving some of these skills
includes "Contraceptive and Health Behavior over Time in
Adolescence," (Phase I) and on behaviors associated with
successful adolescent development among high-risk youth (Phase
II). The candidate plans to obtain a Ph.D. in psychology. The research
training will be combined with his extensive clinical training in
adolescent medicine and his advanced training in epidemiology to
allow him to develop a theoretical understanding of adolescent
health-related behavior from which interventions may be designed
and tested. The candidate plans to use this research training to
continue investigations in the field of adolescent health over his
entire professional career, as well as serving as a teacher and
mentor for others in this area.
Effective start/end date9/1/8812/31/93


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