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    The Cancer Center at Michigan State University proposes to pursue
    planning and development for the establishment of a consortium cancer
    center. The current year cancer research base upon which such a center
    can be developed is over $6 million in peer-reviewed support. The
    proposed consortium center will be under the leadership of Michigan State
    University. Other consortium members include the Michigan Department of
    Public Health; the American Cancer Society, Michigan Division; and
    hospitals in eight communities across Michigan. A clinical trials
    consortium has been active since 1975, encompassing 27 hospitals and 83
    physicians in eight communities. To date, Michigan State University has approved the initiation of the
    cancer center, has provided start-up funding, has supported the
    recruitment of a director, and has supported the development of an
    organizational structure. With the framework in place, we now propose
    to develop research programs from our funded projects. Unique areas of strength in cancer research include: 1 - cancer
    prevention, control, and care in rural populations; 2 - environmental
    carcinogenesis; 3 - home care and family caregiving; and 4 - social and
    economic costs of cancer and cancer care. Our objective during the
    proposed three year planning process is to phase in the coordination of
    faculty cancer research under the cancer center, followed by expansion
    of research into community settings in collaboration with our consortium
    partners. One major objective of developing a consortium cancer center
    is to build upon the land grant mission of Michigan State University by
    establishing direct translational components in each of our research
    Effective start/end date8/1/937/31/97


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