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The goal of this project is the development of new and improved
radiopharmaceuticals labeled with generator-produced radionuclides (Ga-68,
Cu-62, Tc-99m) for use in diagnostic nuclear medicine. Major emphasis will
be placed on the preparation of tracers for non-invasive evaluation of
regional cerebral and myocardial blood flow. New compounds of these
elements, possessing properties believed important in achieving the desired
in vivo behavior, will be synthesized and characterized at macroscopic
concentrations (10-3 - 10-1M) using conventional chemical techniques.
Radiolabeled compounds of these nuclides will then be prepared and
characterized, with chromatographic techniques being employed to correlate
chemistry at the no-carrier-added level with that defined at macroscopic
concentrations. The potential of these radiolabeled compounds to serve as
useful radiopharmaceuticals will be evaluated by biodistribution studies in
rats. Compounds showing adequate uptake in organs of interest will be
investigated in greater detail in larger animals (dogs). Suitability for
organ imaging will be determined and comparisons with accepted tracers then
employed to assess the physiological significance of the images obtained.
Effective start/end date8/1/867/31/91


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