• Jayaram, Hiremagalur (PI)
  • Prajda, Noemi (PI)
  • Potter, Virginia (PI)
  • Olah, Edith (PI)
  • Lui, May (PI)
  • Weber, George (PI)

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The purpose of this 5-year renewal proposal is to strengthen and expand the
research programs on Metabolic Regulation in Neoplasia and Chemotherapy
presently carried out in the Laboratory for Experimental Oncology of
Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN. The individual research projects include investigations on (1) regulation
of metabolism and chemotherapy of neoplasia (2) clinicopathologic and
chemotherapeutic studies of human renal adenocarcinomas and human colonic
adenocarcinomas (3) enzyme pattern-directed antipurine chemotherapy of
tumors (4) regulation of purine biosynthesis, salvage and degradation;
antipurine drugs (5) metabolic imbalance and antipyrimidine chemotherapy in
animals and tissue culture (6) metabolic programs of cancer cells and
chemotherapy with alkylating agents and antimetabolites (7) regulation of
key enzymes of IMP synthesis and catabolism; action of antiglutamine agents
(8) regulation of pyrimidine and glutamine metabolism and chemotherapy. The program is targeted to a central theme, to elucidate the regulation of
enzymes and metabolic pathways linked with normal and neoplastic
proliferation to achieve a rational design of chemotherapy; to this central
theme each project relates and contributes. A deeper insight into
regulation of gene expression should lead to a rational design of
enzyme-pattern-directed selective chemotherapy in animals and in human.
Our approach is planned to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge and
conceptual progress more effectively than would a simple aggregate of
research projects operating without such a thematic integration. The proposed renewal would enable us to achieve the objectives also by
supporting one Central Core Facility for animal colony, tumor
transplantation and maintenance to be shared by investigators involved in
this program and by providing salaries for the young scientists. The main
approach is the integration of modern experimental chemotherapy, oncology,
enzymology, metabolic regulation and biochemical pharmacology to achieve
selective chemotherapy of experimental and human neoplasia.
Effective start/end date6/1/7811/30/87


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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