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We will be initiating and participating in multi-disciplinary studies
through the Group. These funds will support our continued efforts in
cooperative clinical trials investigating surgery, radiotherapy,
chemotherapy and combined modality treatment in breast, lung, testicular
bladder, prostate, and head and neck cancers as well as malignant
lymphomas, myelomas and leukemia. Indiana University will continue to
provide leadership in the development and pursuit of group studies. The
newly-enlarged hematology staff will extend the treatment of hematological
malignancies at IUMC. Indiana will continue to develop local
investigations which may lead to group-wide SCSG studies. Indiana
University expects to increase its number of patient accessions and its use
of multi-modality studies. IUMC members will act as project chairmen and
committee members and otherwise contribute to the success of the Group.
The major goals of these studies are improved patient care, prolonged
survival, and rapidly assimilated clinical data. In addition,
participation in Group work will expose our medical students, housestaff,
and fellows to multi-disciplinary group protocols that will exemplify the
epitome of patient management and stress a multi-modal approach to the
patient with neoplastic disease.
Effective start/end date8/1/807/31/87


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