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This proposal requests continued support for a program of empirical
and theoretical research on the perception, analysis, and synthesis
of speech and the role of the lexicon in speech perception and
auditory word recognition. The major goal of this project is to
seek a better understanding of the earliest stages of speech
processing. We are interested in how the initial acoustic-phonetic
information in the speech waveform interacts with other sources of
knowledge to support spoken language understanding. The proposed
research will involve behavioral studies, computational analyses
using large computerized databases, and simulation and modeling
techniques to gain new knowledge about the perceptual and cognitive
processes used by human listeners in perceiving phonemes,
syllables, words, sentences, and passages of connected fluent
speech. The proposed studies are divided into three major
projects: (1) perception of synthetic speech generated by rule;
(2) auditory word recognition and the lexicon; and (3)contextual
variability in speech. From these projects we hope to learn more
about how speech signals are processed by the nervous system and
how the earliest stages of speech perception are interfaced to some
of the more abstract linguistic and cognitive processes involved
in spoken language understanding. The findings from this research
have implications for normal and pathological language functioning
as well as the diagnosis and treatment of communicative disorders
involving the perceptual and cognitive processing of speech in
adults and children.
Effective start/end date6/1/7511/30/94


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