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  • Burr, David (PI)

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Description This application requests support for the 46th annual meeting of the ORS Sun ValleyWorkshop: Musculoskeletal Biology on Skeletal Biology held in Sun Valley, Idaho, August 7-10,2016. The Workshops emphasize active participation of junior faculty and students; promoteinterdisciplinary communication; and are unusual in that discussion time equals or exceeds timeallotted for formal presentation. The goals of the Workshop are to (1) work toward amultidisciplinary basic and clinical synthesis of molecular, tissue and biomechanical processesin bone that help us to understand the pathogenesis of bone disease as well as its preventionand treatment; (2) apply basic science concepts to clinical problems; develop a dialoguebetween basic and clinical investigators that leads to interdisciplinary collaboration; (3) identifysignificant problems in musculoskeletal disease, and identify experimental approaches thatprovide solutions to them and (4) provide a forum for student training and the opportunity in asmall group setting for junior scientists to talk with more senior scientists. A partnership betweenthe Workshop and the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) provides maximum visibilitythrough broadcast emails and links on the ORS website. This year we provide a new focus onproblem solving, with the theme for the Workshop being ?Solving Problems, SuggestingSolutions.? Four sessions address relevant and significant current problems, includingexperimental reproducibility, overdiagnosis of osteoporosis, muscle and bone health in cancersurvivors and translational models for bone-muscle cross-talk studies. In addition, we haveselected a problem in endocrinology (Hypophosphatasia) and one in orthopaedics (Self-repair oftendons and ligaments). Many opportunities are provided for junior investigators to interact withmore senior investigators. A Career Development Workshop specifically geared toward younginvestigators will be held during one afternoon. Nine ASBMR/Harold M. Frost YoungInvestigator Awardees will present their work from the podium. Ten Alice Jee Young InvestigatorAwardees, and up to five additional Jee Award for under-represented minorities at any careerstage, will be presented. The Sunday evening session will be devoted entirely to posterpresentations, with some short poster presentations from the podium. The Plenary Lecture andRIB Award are scheduled for Sunday morning. All abstracts are posted for public viewing on theORS website prior to the Workshop.Performance SiteSun Valley, IdahoKey PersonnelName OrganizationBurr, David B. Indiana UniversityBellido, Teresita Indiana UniversityAlex Robling Indiana UniversityRole on ProjectDirector, PIAssociate Director, Co-IAssociate Director, Co-I
Effective start/end date7/25/166/30/17


  • National Institutes of Health: $15,000.00


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