A and v patterns

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Pattern or alphabet strabismus can present in many forms including A, V, X, Y, or lambda pattern; of these, A and V patterns are the most common. An A pattern describes a motility picture where the horizontal strabismus is smallest in upgaze and progressively increases as the eyes move into downgaze. A V pattern is the inverse - the horizontal deviation is smallest in downgaze and increases as the eyes elevate toward upgaze (Figs. 13.1, 13.2) [1-3, 12-15]. The X-pattern describes eyes where the horizontal deviation is smallest in primary and increases in both upgaze and downgaze. The Y-pattern is present when the horizontal deviation is smaller in primary and downgaze but increases in up gaze. Lambda pattern is the inverse of a Y pattern where the deviation remains similar in primary and upgaze and increases in downgaze. Optimal correction of alphabet pattern strabismus is influenced by the etiology of the pattern. Several etiologies exist, sometimes in combination, to produce the observed vertical incomitance.

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