A grading scale to evaluate colon cleansing for the PillCam COLON capsule: A reliability study

J. A. Leighton, D. K. Rex

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Background and study aims: The PillCam COLON capsule (Given Imaging, Ltd., Yoqneam, Israel) is an emerging technology for colon visualization. The aim of this prospective study was to assess the interobserver agreement of a new grading scale to evaluate colon cleansing for capsule use. Patients and methods: Healthy volunteers underwent colon preparation and ingested a PillCam COLON capsule. A RAPID 5 (Given Imaging, Ltd.) video was generated and de-identified, and the colon was divided into five segments. Two cleanliness grading scales were compared: a 2-point scale (adequate and inadequate) and a 4-point grading scale (poor, fair, good, and excellent). For assessment of interobserver variability, two experienced gastroenterologists independently rated the cleansing level for each colon segment and for the entire video. Investigators participated in a calibration session prior to reading the study videos. Results: A total of 40 individuals (aged 40 - 74 years) completed the study. A total of 196 colon video segments were evaluated. Per segment, values for the 2-point and 4-point scales were 0.754 and 0.619, respectively, representing good interobserver agreement. For the overall grade of the 40 videos, values for the 2-point and 4-point scales were 0.647 and 0.44, respectively. Conclusions: This new cleanliness grading scale showed good interobserver agreement and may be used with the PillCam COLON capsule to assess preparation quality.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2011


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