Activity and enhancer binding factors for BK virus regulatory elements in differentiating embryonal carcinoma cells

Harikrishna Nakshatri, Mary M. Pater, Alan Pater

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We have studied cell type specificity of expression of the human papovavirus BK regulatory elements in undifferentiated and differentiated embryonal carcinoma (EC) cells as a model system. While the activity of the regulatory elements of this virus was marginal in undifferentiated cells, differentiation by retinoic acid and DMSO resulted in a dramatic increase in the activity. To correlate in vivo activity of the regulatory elements with interaction with cellular transcription factors, we performed DNase I footprinting experiments. A GC-rich region was protected in both undifferentiated and differentiated cells. An additional four protected sites were detected in retinoic acid-differentiated cells and at least one of these additional sites was weakly protected in DMSO-differentiated cells. The sequences of the differentiated cell type-specific protected regions showed homology to a nuclear factor 1 (NF-1) binding motif and to a muscle creatine kinase gene enhancer motif. The intensity, competition, and pattern of protection of these sites were different in the two differentiated cell types, suggesting the involvement of different transcription factors regulating the activity of BKV regulatory elements in the two cell types.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)374-380
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StatePublished - Jul 1991


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