Alcoholism and mania: Is there a genetic relationship?

J. I. Nurnberger, E. T. Meyer, L. Flury, K. Hu, T. Foroud

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In the NIMH Genetics Initiative Bipolar dataset, comorbid probands with mania and alcoholism tend to have more comorbid relatives than non-comorbid probands (32.3% vs. 20.8%, RR= 1.6,P =.03). Linkage analysis of the first 97 families in the Genetics Initiative showed a LOD score of 2.3 on chromosome 1 near D1S224 using ASPEX SibIBD with all possible pairs (Rice et al, Am J Med Genet, 1997). The LOD score increases to 4.2 in the families with a proband with mania plus alcoholism. In analysis of wave 2 data from the Genetics Initiative (56 families) a peak in the same area (100-120 cM from the origin on chromosome 1) shows an ASPEX LOD of 2.3 in independent pairs from families of a comorbid proband. This is also of interest in that it is the same area in which we recently reported a linkage to alcoholism or depression in the Collaborative Study of the Genetics of Alcoholism dataset (Nurnberger et al, Am J Psychiat, 2001), and it suggests that a gene or genes in this area may predispose to alcoholism and affective disorders.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages1
JournalAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics - Neuropsychiatric Genetics
Issue number7
StatePublished - Oct 8 2001
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