An Improved Total Synthesis of PET HSV-tk Gene Expression Imaging Agent 9-[(3-[18F]Fluoro-1-hydroxy-2-propoxy)methyl]guanine ([ 18F]FHPG)

Ji Quan Wang, Qi Huang Zheng, Xiangshu Fei, Xuan Liu, Thomas A. Gardner, Chinghai Kao, Sudhanshu P. Raikwar, Barbara E. Glick-Wilson, Michael L. Sullivan, Bruce H. Mock, Gary D. Hutchins

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An improved total synthesis of [18F]FHPG starting from 1,3-dibenzyloxy-2-propanol and guanine has been developed. [18F]FHPG was prepared by nucleophilic substitution of the appropriate precursor with [18F]KF/ Kryptofix 2.2.2 followed by a quick deprotection reaction and purification with a simplified Silica Sep-Pak solid-phase extraction (SPE) method in 10-15% radiochemical yield, and 70 min synthesis time from end of bombardment (EOB).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)917-932
Number of pages16
JournalSynthetic Communications
Issue number5
StatePublished - Mar 31 2004


  • 9-[(3-[F]Fluoro-1-hydroxy-2-propoxy)methyl]guanine ([ F]FHPG)
  • Ganciclovir (GCV)
  • Gene expression
  • Herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase (HSV-tk)
  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Synthesis

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  • Organic Chemistry

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