BCR/ABL confers growth factor independence upon a murine myeloid cell line

Romeo A. Mandanas, H. Scott Boswell, Li Lu, David Leibowitz

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The BCR/ABL oncogene in chronic myelogenous leukemia produces an activated tyrosine kinase fusion protein (p210). Like other tyrosine kinase oncogenes, BCR/ABL can abrogate the interleukin-3 (IL-3) dependence of lymphoid cell lines. To investigate the ability of BCR/ABL to generate growth factor independence in myeloid cells, the IL-3 dependent myeloid cell line NFS/N1.H7 (H7) was transfected with the p210BCR/ABL-contairting plasmid, pGD210. Stable clones A54 and A74 were capable of IL-3 independent growth and tumor formation in syngeneic mice. Relief of growth factor dependence was not mediated by autocrine release of IL-3. The baseline proliferation rate of the BCR/ABL transformed cells was greater than that of the parental H7 cells maximally stimulated by IL-3. Abundant constitutive expression of c-myc, c-jun, and c-fos was observed in the p210BCR/ABL transfectants even in low serum conditions. In contrast, c-myc expression in H7 cells was dependent upon IL-3 stimulation, and neither c-jun nor c-fos was highly expressed following IL-3 stimulation in H7 cells. Thus, BCR/ABL transformation and relief of IL-3 dependence involve not only pathways that can substitute for IL-3 induced growth via tyrosine kinase mediated signals, but also pathways that recruit constitutive c-jun and c-fos expression.

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Number of pages5
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 1992

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    Mandanas, R. A., Boswell, H. S., Lu, L., & Leibowitz, D. (1992). BCR/ABL confers growth factor independence upon a murine myeloid cell line. Leukemia, 6(8), 796-800.