Clinical presentation of hispanic (H) patients (PTS) with multiple myeloma (MM) in bexar county (BC), Texas

N. S. Callander, J. Galvez, R. Cortes, M. Aisina, G. D. Roodman

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Multiple myeloma is an incurable B cell malignancy with an incidence in the US of 4/ 10,000. Epidemiologie studies consistently show a 2-3 fold increased risk among AfroAmericans (AA). The reason for this excess remains obscure but may be related to genetic susceptibility. However, little is known about the disease characteristics of MM in H pts. BC, comprising San Antonio TX, contains one of the largest H populations in the US. Census figures for 1997 show the ethnic breakdown of BC to be: 51.8% H, 39.5% Caucasian (C) and 6.8% AA. This H population is a genetic admixture with native American, European and about 8% African sources. We wondered if the epidemiology of MM in H pts would more closely resemble that of AA or C populations. One-hundred forty six MM pts are followed through a general clinical research center in SA. The ethnicity of pts is as follows: 39%H, 40%C, 10% AA. We determined the age, sex, stage and M protein of these pts. Total H C AA Age 61 58 64 59 Male 63% 59% 73% 62% Stage III 79% 85% 78% 77% Stage B 9% 12% 2% 15% light chain only 22% 14% 22% 23% IgG 52% 55% 51% 62% Conclusions: The presentation of H pts with MM in BC resembles that of C rather than A pts in the US, although a significantly higher percentage of H pts than C pts (p<.05) presents with renal insufficiency. These data suggest that the African component of the genetic admixture does not influence the characteristics of MM in H pts.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)271b
Issue number11 PART II
StatePublished - Dec 1 2000


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Callander, N. S., Galvez, J., Cortes, R., Aisina, M., & Roodman, G. D. (2000). Clinical presentation of hispanic (H) patients (PTS) with multiple myeloma (MM) in bexar county (BC), Texas. Blood, 96(11 PART II), 271b.