Combination chemotherapy with bleomycin (NSC 125066), adriamycin (NSC 123127), CCNU (NSC 79037), vincristine (NSC 67574), and mechlorethamine (NSC 762) (BACON) in squamous cell lung cancer: experience with 50 patients

R. B. Livingston, L. H. Einhorn, M. A. Burgess

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Fifty patients with inoperable squamous cell carcinoma of the lung (38 with extensive disease and 12 with limited disease) were treated with BACON. Tumor regression greater than 50% was observed in 17 patients (45%) with extensive disease and in four patients (33%) with limited disease. Stabilization of disease for at least 8 weeks was seen in four patients with extensive and eight patients with limited disease and this factor had the same prognostic importance as response with regard to survival. In extensive disease, responding and stable patients had a median survival time (MST) of 26 weeks from the start of therapy, while the MST for nonresponders was 9 weeks. The MST in patients with limited disease (all patients responding or stable) was 32 weeks. Analysis of survival in extensive disease by performance status showed improvement in each category over historical control results for placebo alone. BACON was better tolerated and probably more effective when CCNU was given every 8 weeks rather than every 4 weeks. Further studies are necessary to determine whether the results of this study can be reproduced in a comparative trial. If so, attention should be given to the treatment of less advanced squamous cell lung cancer with a similar regimen.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1975


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