Comparison of fenestrated and nonfenestrated patients undergoing extracardiac fontan

Andrew C. Fiore, Corinne Tan, Eric Armbrecht, Charles B. Huddleston, Eric Kim, Nicholas Goel, Connor McCartney, Parth Patel, John W. Brown

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Background The purpose of this study is to compare morbidity and mortality between fenestrated (F, 61 patients) and nonfenestrated (NF, 54 patients) extracardiac Fontan patients during two eras from July 1995 to December 2010: era 1(1995 to 2004) and era 2 (2005 to 2010). Methods Variables evaluated included morphology, hemodynamics, chest tube volume and duration, intensive care and hospital stay, oxygen saturation, neurologic events, rhythm, and readmissions for chylous effusions. Follow-up in 114 hospital survivors was longer in the nonfenestrated cohort (F, 5.0 ± 3.3 years; NF, 7.1 ± 4.6 years; p < 0.005). Results Cohorts were similar in body size, morphology, and hemodynamics. Fenestration in hypoplastic left heart syndrome was appreciatively higher in era 2. Bypass time (F, 69 ± 27 minutes; NF, 57 ± 21 minutes) and conduit size (F, 18.8 mm; NF, 19.1 mm) were similar. There was 1 early nonfenestrated Fontan death (1 of 54; 2%) and 4 late deaths (F, 2 of 61, 5%; NF, 2 of 53, 4%; p = 0.86). Room air saturation was higher in NF patients (F, 89%; NF, 94%; p < 0.05). Total chest tube volume was similar, but fenestration was associated with greater chest tube drainage among hypoplastic left heart patients (HLHS, 5,582 ± 3,286 mL; non-HLHS, 3,405 ± 2,533 mL; p = 0.06; odds ratio; 2.0). Readmission to treat chylous effusions, loss of sinus rhythm, actuarial freedom from death, all neurologic events, pacemaker insertion, and Fontan takedown were similar in both cohorts. Conclusions Fenestration was associated with lower discharge oxygen saturations, but late outcomes in fenestrated and nonfenestrated patients are equivalent.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)924-931
Number of pages8
JournalAnnals of Thoracic Surgery
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 1 2014

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