Cone one-beam computed tomography new developmentin dental implant assessment

Robert A. Cederberg, Juan F. Yepes

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Pre-implant planning utilizing complex imaging techniques has long been a recommended practice to assess the quality and quantity of alveolar bone prior to placement of dental implants. Static film or digital images lack the depth and dimension offered by computed tomography when maxillofacial imaging is required. Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) offers the dentist not only a radiographic volumetric view of alveolar bone, but three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction improves diagnostic efficiency for routine evaluation of potential implant sites, as well as providing the dentist with the ability to analyze unusual pathology and congenital deformities that may be present in the CBCT volume. Additionally, CBCT allows the dentist to assess postoperative integration of implant fixtures and provides an accurate method for the long-term evaluation of implant health. New advances in CBCT software permit the dentist to perform virtual implant case planning using both two-dimensional (2D) and 3D images. Stents for implant drill guides can be fabricated from 3D images allowing for computer-assisted transfer of information, even production of stereolithographic drill guides to aid in implant placement. Diagnosis and treatment planning software give the dentist tools to precisely determine implant locations by using virtual diagnostic wax-ups. The purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate the efficacy of CBCT imaging for use in implant dentistry. CBCT applications for implant planning, site assessment and treatment planning will be discussed including software enhancements, as well as the potential future improvements in CBCT implant imaging.

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Title of host publicationComputed Tomography
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PublisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
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StatePublished - Mar 1 2013
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  • Cone-Beam computed tomography (CBCT)
  • Implant site assessment
  • Pre-implant planning
  • Presurgical guides
  • Virtual implant planning

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