Dental informatics: a work in progress.

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Dental informatics is a young scientific discipline that is undergoing continual maturation. Its literature is estimated to consist of approximately 600 papers published between 1975 and 2003, and it is currently growing at a rate of about 50 papers annually. While interest in the discipline is growing, the number of core contributors to dental informatics research remains relatively small. Two major questions for the discipline are: What are the research challenges that dental informatics faces today? and How can the discipline be strengthened and positioned to maximize its success in addressing those challenges? Progress toward research challenges formulated more than ten years ago has been varied. While many new technologies have become available for clinical dental practice, research, and education, many fundamental problems remain to be addressed with informatics research. Recommendations to augment the research capacity in dental informatics include creating a stronger worldwide dental informatics research community, drawing more biomedical informatics researchers to dental research areas, providing career opportunities for dental informatics researchers, addressing grand challenges together as a community, and recruiting subsequent generations of dental informaticians.

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JournalAdvances in dental research
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