Down-regulation of fragile histidine triad expression in prostate carcinoma

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BACKGROUND. The fragile histidine triad (FHIT) gene is a tumor suppressor gene that belongs to the histidine triad family of nucleoside binding proteins. The gene encompasses the common human chromosomal fragile site, the FRA3B locus at chromosome 3p14.2, and is expressed in most normal adult tissues and tumor cell lines. Numerous studies have indicated that the FHIT gene on chromosome 3p may play an important role in human neoplasia, although very few studies have investigated the FHIT gene in prostate carcinoma. METHODS. Using immunohistochemical analyses, the authors studied the expression of FHIT in prostate tumors from 84 radical prostatectomy specimens to determine whether there were any correlations between FHIT expression and various clinicopathologic characteristics. RESULTS. The percentages of cells stained with antibody to FHIT were significantly lower overall for tumor cells compared with normal cells (P = 0.0001). FHIT immunostaining intensity also was significantly lower for tumor cells compared with normal cells (P = 0.0001). A weak but statistically significant correlation (P = 0.045) was demonstrated with the presence of extraprostatic extension in the patient samples. No other significant correlation was seen between the percentage of cells stained for FHIT or FHIT immunostaining intensity and Gleason grade, tumor stage, tumor size, lymph node metastasis, surgical margins, vascular invasion, perineural invasion, or the presence of high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. CONCLUSIONS. The data presented indicate a down-regulation of the FHIT tumor suppressor gene in prostate carcinoma and, thus, propose a potential target for therapeutic intervention.

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