Effect of desensitization in solid organ transplant recipients depends on some cytokines genes polymorphism

A. L. Lobashevsky, J. E. Manwaring, M. M. Travis, B. L. Nord, N. G. Higgins, Y. A. Serov, T. S. Arnoff, G. A. Hommel-Berrey, W. C. Goggins, T. E. Taber, C. B. Carter, D. S. Smith, T. C. Wozniak, J. A. O'Donnell, M. W. Turrentine

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Desensitization (DS) is widely used to decrease PRA in solid organs transplant candidates (TC). Various numbers of cycles of DS are required to reduce or eliminate donor specific antibodies (DSA). The goal of this study was to investigate if there was a correlation between polymorphism (PM) of some cytokine genes and intensity of DS required to make the recipient/donor cross match compatible. Thirty-one TCs were included in the study. Antibody specificity, percent of reactive antibodies (PRA) and serum concentration of cytokines were analyzed using the LUMINEX platform. PCR-SSP method was used for IL-1α, IL-1β, IL-1R, IL-1Rα, IL-4Rα, IL-12, IFNγ, TGFβ1, TNFα, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6 and IL-10 gene PM analysis. Significant relationship between PM of genes encoding IL-4Rα, IFNγ and IL-12 (p70) and susceptibility to DS was demonstrated (p = 0.04, p = 0.01 and p = 0.05 respectively). Correlation between elevated serum level of IL-12 (p70) and A/A or C/A genotype at - 1188 position was found in resistant to DS TCs (p = 0.015). These results indicate that analysis PM of genes encoding IL-4R, IFNγ and IL-12 enables to define the DS strategy in TCs more accurately regarding the number of plasmapheresis (PP) cycles and dose of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)169-178
Number of pages10
JournalTransplant Immunology
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jul 1 2009


  • Cytokines
  • Desensitization
  • Genomic polymorphism
  • High PRA

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  • Immunology
  • Immunology and Allergy
  • Transplantation

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