Effects of dialysis membrane on intradialytic vancomycin administration

Meri K. Scott, William L. Macias, Michael A. Kraus, William R. Clark, Mark A. Carfagna, Bruce A. Mueller

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Study Objective. To quantify the influence of hemodialyzers on vancomycin removal when the drug was infused during hemodialysis. Design. Prospective, controlled, crossover study with three arms. Setting. A university-affiliated medical center. Patients. Eight subjects receiving outpatient hemodialysis. Interventions. The three treatment arms were vancomycin 1000 mg infused after dialysis was completed (control), and the same dosages infused during the last hour of hemodialysis with a cellulose triacetate (CT) and a cellulose acetate (CA) hemodialyzer. Measurements and Main Results. The areas under the curve from time zero to 44 hours (AUC(0-44 hrs)) for the three study arms were significantly different (p<0.05), with the mean vancomycin AUC (0-44 hrs) being significantly lower when administered during CT and CA dialysis (73.7% and 87.2% of control; p<0.05 vs control). The mean vancomycin peak concentration achieved during CT dialysis was significantly lower than for the CA and control arms (20.5, 23.9, 27.0 mg/L, respectively). Forty-four-hour postinfusion concentrations were similarly lower. Conclusion. Clinicians should recognize that the composition of the hemodialyzer significantly influences vancomycin serum concentrations when the drug is administered during hemodialysis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)256-262
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Issue number2
StatePublished - Mar 1 1997

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    Scott, M. K., Macias, W. L., Kraus, M. A., Clark, W. R., Carfagna, M. A., & Mueller, B. A. (1997). Effects of dialysis membrane on intradialytic vancomycin administration. Pharmacotherapy, 17(2), 256-262.