Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) staging can predict the risk of recurrence after pancreatic cancer resections: A prospective comparison

F. Gress, D. Ciaccia, G. Lehman

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Introduction: EUS has been shown to be an accurate imaging modality for locally staging pancreatic cancer (Pca). There is little data evaluating pancreatic cancer outcomes and whether EUS staging can predict outcomes in pancreatic cancer. Aim of Study: To determine if EUS T staging correlated with recurrence after curative resection of pancreatic cancer. Methods: 150 patients diagnosed with Pea were prospectively followed 7/93-11/96. Data collected included EUS and CT stage and follow-up including surgical correlation and survival. EUS staging was based on the TNM system with 54% (81 pts) having surgery. In 90% (72/81)of the surgery pts, T staging information was available, in 88% (72/81) N staging information and vascular invasion data was available in 98% (79/81). Results: EUS Staging data is depicted below: Pathology T1 T2 T3 accuracy Recurrence T1 8 0 0 8/8=100% 1/8= 12% T2 6 23 1 23/30=77% 16/23=69% T3 0 2 33 33/35=95% 30/33=91% Survival Median Survival (months) Surgery Medical T-1 52.8 (n = 6) - T-2 9.9 (n = 30) 7.2 (n = 19) p = 0.71 T-3 8.8 (n = 36) 7.6 (n = 50) P = 0.33 N0 12.6 (n = 28) 7.6 (n = 19) p = 0.13 N1 7.4 (n = 44) 7.2 (n = 50) p = 0.82 (p = p-value, median age was 67 years.) Summary: Our EUS staging accuracy was validated to previous studies. EUS staging of pancreatic cancer appears to be of benefit in predicting recurrence since patients with T 2 and T 3 had a high rate of recurrence, while T 1 tumors appear to benefit from surgery and survive longer with a lower rate of recurrence. Conclusion: 1) A correlation appears to exist between EUS staging and recurrence in pancreatic cancer such that T2 and T3 tumors are at high risk for recurrence. 2) This study also supports the use of EUS for determining resectability and staging pancreatic cancer to identify those patients most likely to benefit from surgery.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalGastrointestinal endoscopy
Issue number4
StatePublished - Dec 1 1998
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