Erratum: Irisin Mediates Effects on Bone and Fat via αV Integrin Receptors (Cell (2018) 175(7) (1756–1768.e17), (S0092867418313345), (10.1016/j.cell.2018.10.025))

Hyeonwoo Kim, Christiane D. Wrann, Mark Jedrychowski, Sara Vidoni, Yukiko Kitase, Kenichi Nagano, Chenhe Zhou, Joshua Chou, Virginia Jeni A. Parkman, Scott J. Novick, Timothy S. Strutzenberg, Bruce D. Pascal, Phuong T. Le, Daniel J. Brooks, Alexander M. Roche, Kaitlyn K. Gerber, L. Mattheis, Wenjing Chen, Hua Tu, Mary L. BouxseinPatrick R. Griffin, Roland Baron, Clifford J. Rosen, Lynda F. Bonewald, Bruce M. Spiegelman

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(Cell 175, 1756–1768.e1–e17; December 13, 2018) Our paper identified αV integrins as the cellular receptors for irisin, acting in osteocytes and adipocytes. During figure preparation, we inadvertently duplicated the β-actin western blot image from Figure S6A in Figure S4C. We have now corrected Figure S4C with the β-actin control that was executed with the experiment shown. In addition, in Figure S4D, the protein integrin α was mistakenly labeled as “integrin αV.” This label has been amended. The corrected figure appears below and in the paper online. We apologize for any confusion this duplication may have caused.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)507-508
Number of pages2
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jul 11 2019


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Kim, H., Wrann, C. D., Jedrychowski, M., Vidoni, S., Kitase, Y., Nagano, K., Zhou, C., Chou, J., Parkman, V. J. A., Novick, S. J., Strutzenberg, T. S., Pascal, B. D., Le, P. T., Brooks, D. J., Roche, A. M., Gerber, K. K., Mattheis, L., Chen, W., Tu, H., ... Spiegelman, B. M. (2019). Erratum: Irisin Mediates Effects on Bone and Fat via αV Integrin Receptors (Cell (2018) 175(7) (1756–1768.e17), (S0092867418313345), (10.1016/j.cell.2018.10.025)). Cell, 178(2), 507-508.