Establishment of a clinically correlated human pericardial fluid bank: Evaluation of intrapericardial diagnostic potential

Tonya J. Dickson, Vivek Gurudutt, A. Q. Nguyen, K. Kumfer, W. Maxted, John Brown, Yousuf Mahomed, Thomas Sharp, Thomas X. Aufiero, Naomi Fineberg, Keith L. March

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The development of a clinically correlated human pericardial fluid bank and database is described. A unique feature of this registry is the availability of a large number of pericardial fluid samples for testing with respect to multiple factors and for correlation with angiographic findings and clinical syndromes expressed by the patients. The collection of data at the present time comprises frozen pericardial fluid samples obtained from patients who have undergone cardiac surgery; and historical, clinical, and laboratory data obtained from the patient records. Nearly 400 samples have been stored and analyzed thus far, with sample entry continuing. This registry is designed to evaluate the local factors that play a role in mediating or reflecting myocardial or coronary responses. Pathophysiologic processes of particular interest include restenosis, plaque ruptures, and angiogenesis. Study of the pericardial fluid bank should lead to enhanced understanding of molecular mechanisms, as well as to the explanation for the reasons underlying interpatient variability in these processes. It is further anticipated that this information might provide a foundation for the diagnostic use of pericardial fluid to individualize therapies targeting angiogenesis or plaque physiology.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)I40-I42
JournalClinical cardiology
Issue number1 SUPPL.
StatePublished - Jan 1999


  • Angiogenesis
  • Cytokines
  • Database
  • Growth factors
  • Pericardial fluid
  • Plaque stability
  • Registry

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  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine

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