Evaluation of a simple scoring system for use of the one-hour glucose tolerance test

R. S. Mangus, C. E. Hawkins, L. M. Noles, R. Lowensohn

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BACKGROUND: Recently, Naylor and colleagues proposed a simple numeric scoring system by which women could be selectively excluded from having a one-hour glucose tolerance test (GTT) based solely on their age, race and body mass index (BMI) (NEJM, 1997; 337:1591-6). This study concluded that use of the scoring system could exclude one-third of all women from screening while improving the sensitivity and specificity of the test as a screening instrument. The following analysis applies the scoring system to a heterogeneous sample of postpartum women, fifty percent of whom are Hispanic. METHODS: All women delivering at a large university hospital over a 14-week period (N=646) had their medical records reviewed and were interviewed by bilingual researchers. Collected data included information regarding demographics, prenatal care, delivery and birth outcomes. One-hour GTT levels greater than 140mg/dL were considered abnormal. Comparisons were made using the Chi-square test. RESULTS: Full data regarding one-hour GTT testing, BMI, race and age were available for 477 (74%) of patients. Of these, 56 (12%) would have been excluded from testing under the scoring criteria. Of the persons in the exclusion group, 7 (12%) had an abnormal one-hour GTT compared to 89 (19%) of those in the screening group (p=0.20). CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that among this heterogeneous population, the proposed scoring system may be effective in excluding low risk women from screening with the one-hour GTT. The scoring system may lack clinical significance given the small difference between groups and the difficulties involved in changing the previously established standard of universal screening.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)27A
JournalInvestigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Issue number3
StatePublished - Feb 15 1996
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