Evolution of echocardiography

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The evolution of echocardiography has been interesting and dramatic. The technology has grown and has become an integral part of the practice of cardiology. As with all technology, there are advantages and disadvantages and disadvantages. The principal disadvantage is the fact that education and training are imperative to provide high-quality examinations and proper interpretations. In addition many of the diagnoses are still qualitative and subjective. The principal advantage is the amazing versatility of this technology. The wealth of information that can be provided both noninvasively with a transthoracic examination and invasively with either transesophageal or intravascular ultrasound is tremendous. The anatomic and physiological data provided frequently give definitive diagnoses. If performed properly and for the right reason, this test should be very cost effective and should be a major asset in the coming era of medical cost containment. There are many technological advances that should enhance this information. With technology such as digital recordings, it is hoped that the clinicians will have better access to these data nd will be more comfortable in interacting with this important diagnostic tool.

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