In vitro requirement for periostin in B lymphopoiesis

Basile T. Siewe, Susan L. Kalis, Phong T. Le, Pamela L. Witte, Sangdun Choi, Simon J. Conway, Laurel Druschitz, Katherine L. Knight

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B lymphopoiesis arrests in rabbits by 4 months of age. To identify molecules that contribute to this arrest, cDNA-representational difference analysis on BM stromal cells from young and adult rabbits showed that expression of Postn that encodes for the extracellular matrix protein periostin dramatically reduced with age. Postn-small interfering RNA OP9 cells lost their capacity to support B-cell development from rabbit or murine BM cells, and reexpression of periostin restored this potential, indicating an in vitro requirement for periostin in B lymphopoiesis. In our system, we determined that periostin deficiency leads to increased cell death and decreased proliferation of B-lineage progenitors. Further, RGD peptide inhibition of periostin/αvβ3 interaction resulted in a marked decrease in B lymphopoiesis in vitro. Microarray analysis of the Postn-small interfering RNA OP9 cells showed decreased expression of key B-lymphopoietic factors, including IL-7 and CXCL12. In vivo, unidentified molecule(s) probably compensate periostin loss because Postn-/- mice had normal numbers of B-cell progenitors in BM. We conclude that the decline in periostin expression in adult rabbit BM does not solely explain the arrest of B lymphopoiesis. However, the interaction of periostin withαvβ3 on lymphoid progenitors probably provides both proliferative and survival signals for cells in the B-cell development pathway.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3770-3779
Number of pages10
Issue number14
StatePublished - Apr 7 2011

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    Siewe, B. T., Kalis, S. L., Le, P. T., Witte, P. L., Choi, S., Conway, S. J., Druschitz, L., & Knight, K. L. (2011). In vitro requirement for periostin in B lymphopoiesis. Blood, 117(14), 3770-3779.