Indications for breast imaging in women under age 35 years.

V. J. Harris, V. P. Jackson

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To determine appropriate indications for breast imaging in young women, the authors correlated patient histories with mammographic and/or sonographic findings and biopsy or follow-up results for 625 patients aged 13-34 years. The only important indications were a palpable mass and suspicion of an abscess. Of the 335 studies performed for evaluation of a palpable mass, 184 (55%) were normal, 28 (8%) were compatible with benign disease, and 123 (37%) were suggestive of malignancy. Biopsies were performed in 73 patients; the findings were benign in 67 cases, and carcinoma was found in six. Imaging studies were considered helpful in four of the 15 cases of suspected abscess, in that the studies established the presence and extent of an abscess. Studies in 275 women were performed for a variety of other indications. The findings were normal in 239 (87%) studies, benign in 21 (8%), and suggestive of malignancy in 15 (5%); there were no known carcinomas in any of the patients. Women with the "low-yield" indications identified in this study should be followed up clinically rather than referred for imaging studies.

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StatePublished - Aug 1989

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