INF56 represents a family of differentiation-specific genes from Uromyces appendiculatus

Xiaoling Xuei, Srirama Bhairi, Richard C. Staples, Olen C. Yoder

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In germlings of U. appendiculatus, a gene designated INF56 is preferentially expressed during development of the infection structures. A comparison of sequences between INF56 genomic DNA and a cDNA revealed several differences, randomly distributed throughout the coding region, which resulted in RFLPs at ASpI, HphI, NruI and ScaI sites. This observation, along with DNA-blot analysis, which revealed multiple copies of INF56 in uredospore genomic DNA, indicated that INF56 represents a multigene family. All copies of INF56 examined contain the same 67-bp intron reported previously (Xuei et al. 1992).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)84-88
Number of pages5
JournalCurrent Genetics
Issue number1-2
StatePublished - Jul 1 1993
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  • Bean rust
  • Infection structures
  • Uredospores

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