Loss of heterozygosity of the von Hippel Lindau gene locus in polypoid dysplasia but not flat dysplasia in ulcerative colitis or sporadic adenomas

Franz Fogt, Alexander O. Vortmeyer, Manfred Stolte, Elke Mueller, James Mueller, Amy Noffsinger, Christopher Poremba, Zhengping Zhuang

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Carcinoma in ulcerative colitis (UC) develops from dysplastic precursor lesions, which include flat dysplasia (FD) and polypoid dysplasias (PD). PD may present as single or multiple polypoid structures or as plaque-like lesions that, independent of histological grade, are an indication for colectomy. PDs are histologically similar to adenomas and may not be readily distinguished by light microscopy. It is not known whether FD and PD are different entities, or whether they represent etiologically similar lesions with different morphological expression. We microdissected 25 cases of UC with PD and 19 samples of FD with surrounding chronic colitis (CC) in UC. Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at the von Hippel Lindau (vHL) gene locus and the putative tumor suppressor genes APC, INK4A (9p16), and p53 was studied. LOH of the vHL gene, INK4A (9p16), and APC was also studied in 11 sporadic adenomas of the colon. LOH at the vHL locus was present in 50% of the samples of PD and in 12% of the samples of FD. LOH was seen in CC close to PD and FD in 26% and 12% of cases, respectively. No adenoma showed LOH of the vHL gene markers studied. LOH in p53 was seen in PD in 16% cases and in FD in 42% cases and in CC close to PD and FD in 0% and 14% cases, respectively. LOH patterns between PD and FD of the markers for APC and 9p16 were not different. LOH in APC was seen in two of five cases of adenoma. We conclude that PD and FD share genetic alterations in APC and 9p16 genes. More frequent involvement of the VHL gene in PD and surrounding CC and involvement of p53 in HGD and CC in FD may represent genetic differences between the development of PD and FD and may be the cause of the different morphology. The infrequency of LOH at the vHL locus in adenomas versus PD may serve as a discriminator between adenomas and PD in diagnostically problematic cases.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)961-964
Number of pages4
JournalHuman pathology
Issue number9
StatePublished - Jan 1 1998
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  • Chromosome 3
  • Loss of heterozygosity
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Von Hippel Lindau gene

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