Motility of the antroduodenum in healthy and gastroparetics characterized by wireless motility capsule

L. Kloetzer, W. D. Chey, R. W. McCallum, K. L. Koch, J. M. Wo, M. Sitrin, L. A. Katz, J. M. Lackner, H. P. Parkman, G. E. Wilding, J. R. Semler, W. L. Hasler, B. Kuo

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Background The wireless motility capsule (WMC) measures intraluminal pH and pressure, and records transit time and contractile activity throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Our hypothesis is that WMC can differentiate antroduodenal pressure profiles between healthy people and patients with upper gut motility dysfunctions. This study aims to analyze differences in the phasic pressure profiles of the stomach and small intestine in healthy and gastroparetic subjects. Methods Data from 71 healthy and 42 gastroparetic subjects were analyzed. The number of contractions (Ct), area under the pressure curve and motility index (MI = Ln (Ct *sum amplitudes +1)) were analyzed for 60 min before gastric emptying of the capsule (GET), (gastric window) and after GET (small bowel window) and results between groups were compared with the Wilcoxon rank sum test. Key Results Significant differences were observed between healthy and gastroparetic subjects for Ct and MI (P < 0.05). Median values of the motility parameters in gastric window were Ct = 72, MI = 11.83 for healthy and Ct = 47, MI = 11.12 for gastroparetics. In the small bowel, median values were Ct = 144.5, MI = 12.78 for healthy and Ct = 93, MI = 12.12 for gastroparetics. Diabetic subjects with gastroparesis showed significantly lower Ct and MI compared with healthy subjects in both gastric and small bowel windows while idiopathic gastroparetic subjects did not show significant differences. Conclusions & Inferences The WMC is able to differentiate between healthy and gastroparetic subjects based on gastric and small bowel motility profiles.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)527-533+e117
JournalNeurogastroenterology and Motility
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 2010
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  • Ambulatory capsule
  • Gastroparesis
  • Manometry

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