Neuropsychiatrie features of dementia with lewy bodies

Liana G. Apostolova, Jeffrey L. Cummings

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Figure 6.1 Frequency (a) and severity (b) of individual neuropsychiatric behaviors, assessed with the NLP, in DLB (N=120). Del, delusions; Hall, hallucinations; Agi, Agitation; Depr, depression; Anx, anxiety; Elat, elated mood; Apa, apathy; Dis, disinhibition; Irrit, irritability; Aberr, aberrant motor behavior. (Adapted from McKeith et al, 2000a; Del Ser eta/, 2000). hallucinations prior to dementia onset. In fact, the concomitant presence of Alzheimer changes on autopsy seemed to correlate with absence of psychopathology. In one meta-analysis of pathologically proven DLB, as many as 38% mixed and 21% pure DLB patients did not have documented neuropsychiatric symptoms (Cercy et al, 1997). While these absence rates appear high, one should keep in mind that collecting clinical data retrospectively might underestimate the true prevalence, since, unless specifically asked, most patients will not volunteer psychiatric history (Teunisse et al, 1996). Conversely, any prospective DLB study may report higher psychopathology prevalence rates as VH are a validated diagnostic criterion (McKeith et al, 2000a). Finally, another confounder is the patient’s insight into his or her symptoms. Some DLB patients, especially of the mixed type (Del Ser et al, 2001), lack insight during the experience, but most gain it afterwards (McKeith and O’Brien, 1999).

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2005
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