New limit for the lepton-family-number nonconserving decay μ+→ e+γ

M. L. Brooks, Y. K. Chen, M. D. Cooper, P. S. Cooper, M. Dzemidzic, A. Empl, C. A. Gagliardi, G. E. Hogan, E. B. Hughes, E. V. Hungerford, C. C.H. Jui, J. E. Knott, D. D. Koetke, M. A. Kroupa, K. A. Lan, R. Manweiler, B. W. Mayes, R. E. Mischke, L. E. Piilonen, T. D.S. StanislausK. M. Stantz, J. J. Szymanski, R. E. Tribble, X. L. Tu, L. A. Van Ausdeln7, W. H. von Witsch3, S. C. Wright, K. O.H. Ziock

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An experiment has been performed to search for the muon- and electron-number nonconserving decay μ+→ e+γ. The upper limit for the branching ratio is found to be Γ(μ+→ e+γ)/Γ(μ+→ e+νν ⊯) < 1.2 × 10-11with 90% confidence.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1521-1524
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number8
StatePublished - Jan 1 1999


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Brooks, M. L., Chen, Y. K., Cooper, M. D., Cooper, P. S., Dzemidzic, M., Empl, A., Gagliardi, C. A., Hogan, G. E., Hughes, E. B., Hungerford, E. V., Jui, C. C. H., Knott, J. E., Koetke, D. D., Kroupa, M. A., Lan, K. A., Manweiler, R., Mayes, B. W., Mischke, R. E., Piilonen, L. E., ... Ziock, K. O. H. (1999). New limit for the lepton-family-number nonconserving decay μ+→ e+γ. Physical Review Letters, 83(8), 1521-1524.