Novel preventive treatment options

C. Longbottom, K. Ekstrand, D. Zero, M. Kambara

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A number of novel preventive treatment options which, as with traditional methods, can be differentiated into 3 categories of prevention (primary, secondary and tertiary), have been and are being currently investigated. Those reviewed are either commercially available or appear relatively close to that point. These include: approximal sealants; fluoride applications, including slow-release devices; measures to help remineralize demineralized tissue, including 3 different methods of delivering amorphous calcium phosphate; measures to help modify the biofilm to reduce the cariogenic challenge, including ozone therapy and probiotics; measures to increase enamel resistance to demineralization, including laser treatment of enamel, and a novel 'hybrid' technique for the treatment of primary molar caries which involves 'overlapping' of secondary and tertiary prevention - the Hall technique. Although many of these techniques show considerable promise and dentists should be aware of these developments and follow their progress, the evidence for each of these novel preventive treatment options is currently insufficient to make widespread recommendations. Changes in dental practice should be explored to see how oral health can be best supported through novel preventive systems. Further research is also required involving double-blind randomized controlled trials in order to bring further benefits of more effective caries control to patients. Implementation in practice should follow promptly as new techniques are shown to be clinically valuable for individual patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationDetection, Assessment, Diagnosis and Monitoring of Caries
EditorsNigel Pitts
Number of pages8
StatePublished - Jul 31 2009

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NameMonographs in Oral Science
ISSN (Print)0077-0892
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    Longbottom, C., Ekstrand, K., Zero, D., & Kambara, M. (2009). Novel preventive treatment options. In N. Pitts (Ed.), Detection, Assessment, Diagnosis and Monitoring of Caries (pp. 156-163). (Monographs in Oral Science; Vol. 21).