Oral disorders and chronic systemic diseases in very old adults living in institutions.

Gerardo Maupomé, Christina M. Gullion, B. Alex White, Christopher C.L. Wyatt, P. Michele Williams

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This study evaluated whether oral disorders were associated with chronic systemic diseases in 532 Canadian adults who are old and very old and living in institutions. A brief oral examination documented tooth retention, caries, and periodontal and gingival health. Medical records provided information about chronic systemic conditions. A history of stroke was associated with a higher experience of caries, a higher ratio of decayed-to-present teeth, and more gingival and periodontal problems. Participants with high blood pressure, osteoporosis, or diabetes were more likely to be edentulous or to have fewer teeth than participants who did not have these conditions. Participants who had arthritis retained more teeth with age. Participants who had more diseases also tended to have poorer gingival or periodontal conditions, fewer teeth, and higher risk of edentulousness. The associations between systemic diseases and more severe oral disorders may be direct or may be mediated by underlying factors such as health behaviors.

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