Oral disorders in institution-dwelling elderly adults: A graphic representation

Gerardo Maupomé, Christopher C.L. Wyatt, P. Michele Williams, Mikel Aickin, Christina M. Gullion

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This study was conducted to assess the oral health status and dental care needs of elderly adults living in long-term care facilities. Dentists examined 601 elderly adults, living in one of six extended-or intermediate-care facilities, between September 1999 and May 2000. Data from 532 of the subjects were analyzed with descriptive statistics and zero-order inverse polynomials. Using a computer program, the authors compiled summaries of oral health data on individuals and institutional levels. This study suggests that there are numerous unmet dental needs among elderly adults who live in institutions. The CODE index used to assess the oral health of these residents offers a systematic portrayal of oral disorders in terms of severity. As the authors demonstrated, this index can be readily analyzed using zero-order inverse polynomials to summarize collected data into a graphic description, which can be helpful in managing and administrating oral health care interventions in long-term care facilities.

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