Oral hygiene, gingivitis, and periodontitis in persons with Down syndrome

Rubén López-Pérez, S. Aída Borges-Yáñez, Gustavo Jiménez-García, Gerardo Maupomé

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This study was conducted to determine and compare the prevalence, severity, and extent of gingivitis and periodontitis in patients with Down syndrome and patients who did not have Down syndrome. The authors also assessed the relationship of these conditions and compared them to the age, gender, and oral hygiene profiles in both groups. Using a case-control study design, the authors examined 32 individuals with Down syndrome (DS) and matched each with a participant from the control group (CG) according to age and gender. Researchers determined the Simplified Oral Hygiene Index, Gingival Index, and measured the level of gingival attachment for each participant. The authors found that the relationship between the presence of dental plaque and the severity of gingivitis was moderate among participants with DS. While the overall characteristics of the periodontal and gingival health status were not markedly different between the two groups, the extent and severity of gingivitis and the extent of periodontitis were greater in the group with DS than in the CG.

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