Oral manifestations in patients with Sjogren's syndrome

Armando Ernesto Soto-Rojas, Antonio Rafael Villa, José Sifuentes-Osornio, Donato Alarcón-Segovia, Arnoldo Kraus

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Objective. To investigate oral signs and symptoms in patients with Sjogren's syndrome (SS), and to compare results with a group of healthy individuals. Methods. Each individual completed a questionnaire designed to investigate his/her perception of oral health and dryness, as well as a list of signs and symptoms associated with xerostomia. An oral clinical evaluation was performed. Results. A total of 81 subjects were studied, 21 with primary SS, 29 with secondary SS, and 31 healthy individuals. Patients with SS considered that their oral health was poor. Oral dryness was perceived as intense. Symptoms most commonly expressed were: sensitivity to acids (68%), difficulty eating dry foods (66%), and sensitivity to spicy foods (58%). Dryness of the lips (76%) and the tongue (68%) were also among the most frequent complaints. Oral findings of patients with SS included cervical or atypical caries in 83%, fissured erythematous tongue in 70%, and oral candidiasis in 74%. Significant differences were found when results obtained from patients with SS were compared with the healthy group. Conclusion. The oral health of this group of patients with SS was deficient. Adequate management of dry mouth was not achieved, mainly for the modifiable components such as dental decay and oral candidiasis. Therefore, treatment and prevention plans are mandatory. These measures might help to reduce the discomfort associated with oral dryness and to reduce dental loss.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)906-910
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Rheumatology
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 1 1998


  • Sjogren's syndrome
  • Xerostomia

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    Soto-Rojas, A. E., Villa, A. R., Sifuentes-Osornio, J., Alarcón-Segovia, D., & Kraus, A. (1998). Oral manifestations in patients with Sjogren's syndrome. Journal of Rheumatology, 25(5), 906-910.