Ovine fetal leucine kinetics during graded infusion of rhIGF-1

Edward A. Liechty, Scott C. Denne, David W. Boyle

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IGF-1 has insulin-like effects and is thought to be important in fetal development. We have demonstrated that IGF-1 infusion decreases amino acid rate of appearance (Ra) (AJP 271:E177, 1996). The present study was designed to determine the dose-response of rhIGF1 on ovine fetal amino acid kinetics. Chronically catheterized fetal lambs were studied at 122-127 days gestation. Ra·Leu was determined by infusion of 1-13C-Leu. Leu oxidation was determined by (1-14C)-leu infusion, and measurement of 14CO2 excretion. SRIF was infused throughout the study to minimize IGF induced changes in fetal Ins. After isotopic steady state was achieved, basal samples were obtained. rhIGF-1 was infused into the fetal inferior vena cava at low, medium, or high rates (75, 150, or 300 μg/hr), followed by identical sample determinations. Results. mean±SEM. N=6 IGF-1 Insulin Ra Leu Leu Ox ng/ml μU/ml umols/min umols/min Low,Basal 83±12.5 9.7±0.7 44.5±2.14 6.5±0.7 Low, IGF 144±12.8* 5.4±0.7 42.2±2.14 6.3±0.7 Med, Basal 78±12.8 9.7±0.7 39.2±2.19 6.1±0.7 Med, IGF 210±12.5* 4.8±0.7* 10.9±2.14 4.3±0.7* High, Basal 76±13-1 10.6±0.8 54.7±2.25 7.3±0.8 High. IGF 270±12.8* 6.6±0. 8 48.7±2.19* 6.1±0.8* *differs from pre-infusion. p<0.05 by 3 factor ANOVA, Fisher's LSD. Results: A stepwise increase in serum IGF-1 was achieved. Insulin concentrations were decreased equally at alt IGF doses. Leucine Ra was decreased at the highest infusion rate while Leu ox was decreased at both medium and high infusion rates. These results indicate that inhibition of amino acid oxidation may he more sensitive to changes in circulating IGF-1 than is amino acid appearance from protein breakdown.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)A465
JournalFASEB Journal
Issue number3
StatePublished - Dec 1 1997

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