Pain control with laser-produced dorsal root entry zone lesions

S. K. Powers, N. M. Barbaro, R. M. Levy

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Pain relief was evaluated in 40 patients with various types of deafferentation pain that were treated with dorsal root entry zone (DREZ) lesions produced with microsurgical lasers. Good long-term pain relief was evident in some paraplegics and in all patients with brachial plexus avulsion. Several other small subgroups of patients benefited from laser DREZ lesions as well. Pain associated with arachnoiditis and peripheral nerve injury or neuropathy did not respond to laser DREZ lesioning. Based upon the smaller lesion dimensions produced with the lasers, it is proposed that interruption of impulses in the tract of Lissauer may be a mechanism of pain control in patients that responded to laser DREZ lesions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)243-254
Number of pages12
JournalApplied Neurophysiology
Issue number2-5
StatePublished - Jan 1 1988

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    Powers, S. K., Barbaro, N. M., & Levy, R. M. (1988). Pain control with laser-produced dorsal root entry zone lesions. Applied Neurophysiology, 51(2-5), 243-254.